Professional Sexual Misconduct can take many forms. It can include touching patients or clients inappropriately during the course of one's professional interaction with them, sexual harassing behavior, forming personal relationships with patients or clients outside of the professional setting, or having sexual contact with patients or clients. Professionals may inadvertently pay little attention to maintaining proper boundaries with staff, patients and/or clients.

Professionals can be successfully treated for such professional misconduct and in most cases safely return to their profession. We at the Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta perform comprehensive evaluations of those accused of professional sexual misconduct and provide extensive cognitive-behavioral treatment with a strong relapse prevention component. We have assessed and/or treated over 300 professionals nationwide.

Treatment Program:

Our outpatient treatment program is rapid, intense and goal directed. We treat physicians, priests, and other professionals, using an eclectic treatment approach to help professionals stop and prevent their sexual misconduct.

Major Treatment Components:

Additional Treatment Options:

Unique Treatment Features:

Ongoing small groups for professionals who have been involved in sexual misconduct in their practices or clerical assignments. These professionals redesign the structure of their work activities to eliminate opportunities for sexual misconduct. The groups allow detailed discussions regarding what has, and has not, worked for other professionals.

Availability of accelerated outpatient treatment. Patients from outside the city of Atlanta may be seen two to three times per day over an eight week period in order to quickly complete all of the elements of the 96-100 session treatment program. Special attention is paid to continuity of care and to continued relapse prevention once the professional returns to his practice or clerical duties. Materials needed for this eight week accelerated program include tape recorder, blank cassettes, notebook paper, pencil and pen.


The initial three-day evaluation includes:

Length of Treatment:

Treatment averages 96 to 100 sessions spread over an eight-week period. The relapse prevention program extends into the professional's environment following treatment.


Please contact Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta's office at 404-872-7929 for the cost of the initial assessment and group and individual therapy sessions. Credit cards are accepted for all outpatient charges and complete information for insurance billing is provided.

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