What is Sexual Compulsivity/Sexual Addiction?

Defining compulsive sexual behavior can be difficult and is subject to interpretation based on moral judgment. Sexual compulsivity is defined as sexual behavior an individual engages to reduce anxiety or depressive symptoms. A self-perpetuated cycle is created by the eventual return of anxiety or depressive symptoms that are reduced by engaging in problematic sexual behavior.

Common forms of Sexual Compulsivity/Addiction

Answer the following questions to see if you may be addicted to sex:

  1. I sometimes fail to meet my commitments and responsibilities because of my sexual behaviors.
  2. I sometimes get so horny I could lose control.
  3. I find myself thinking about sex while at work.
  4. I feel that my sex thoughts and feelings are stronger than I am.
  5. I have to struggle to control my sexual thoughts and behaviors.

The more yes answers, the more likely you are addicted to sex.


The initial evaluation consists of a clinical interview (1 to 2 hours), written tests, and a thorough testing in our physiologic laboratory to evaluate 20 separate sexual interests. Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta conducts an objective measurement of sexual interest, but never uses plethysmography (direct genital measurement) or shows nude images to the client. The assessment can be scheduled over several days, if necessary.

Treatment Program

Our outpatient treatment program is rapid, intensive and goal directed. We utilize an eclectic approach to treat those with compulsive sexual behavior.

Major Treatment Components


Please contact Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta's office at 404-872-7929 for the cost of the initial assessment and therapy sessions. There may be additional charges for medication evaluations, drug screens and consultative psychological screening.

Methods of payment include cash, personal check, or major credit card payments. We will provide you with insurance claim forms and any assistance we can with your insurance reimbursement. We do not participate in any insurance program.

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