Sexual dysfunction is a common problem affecting a large number of individuals sometime during their lifetime, many times irrespective of the quality of their relationships with others. Individuals or couples are treated for the male's inability to get or maintain an erection, a woman's inability to orgasm, a man's premature ejaculation, a mans or woman's lack of sexual desire, a mans or woman's pain associated with intercourse and/or a mans or woman's aversion to sexual activity. Treatment can be for a man by himself, a woman by herself, or a heterosexual, gay or lesbian couple having sexual dysfunction problems.

Our treatment program includes:


Length of Treatment:

Treatment averages 12 sessions over 24 weeks, except in the cases where the individual lacks sexual desire (a lack of sexual desire generally requires further treatment sessions).


Please contact Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta's office at 404-872-7929 for the cost of the initial assessment and individual therapy sessions. We accept major credit cards and we will provide you with insurance claim forms and any assistance we can with your insurance reimbursement. We do not participate in any insurance program.

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